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So why does Roan kick off a different kind of fantasy? Since I was a kid, I was schooled in the fantastic worlds conjured up by C. S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Charles Williams. In fact, these three authors sketched out the basic rules and infrastructure that true fantasy should have. Those rules didn't keep me from exploring other authors, and to this day, a good fantasy tale, whether it follows the rules that these giants set forth or not, can capture me for days.

And yet, I've found something missing in the past two decades or so of fantasy writing. The wonder is mostly gone, the battle of good and evil has become humdrum and cliché. And fantasy has been hi-jacked by people with issues whether those be environmentalism, feminism, hatred-of-pure-fantasy-ism, etc. Rather than trying to tell a good story, many seem bent on making the reader a fellow ideologue. Maybe I'm trying to do that too by getting back to the roots of fantasy, but I hope not. The world of Conor Archer is one you will recognize and hopefully love. The fantasy present might even bring you to tears. If it makes you more human, then I have succeeded in sharing the world of Conor Archer with you. And if that happens, you will discover as I did, that the Conor's world is our world only looked at more deeply and more profoundly.

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