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Conor's world is our world. Most of the action in Roan takes place in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. And yet, all things Celtic (that's Irish, Welsh and Scottish for you newbies) are present too, particularly things supernatural. There are selchies, like I mentioned before, but also Native American manitous, demons and shape-shifters. The Celtic Tuatha de Danaan, the People of the Hollow Hills are the oldest of "illegal" immigrants, and their battles, warfare, and legends become our own.

Twenty years ago I walked amid the Indian burial mounds at Effigy Mounds in Iowa. It was a warm July day and I was all alone--so I thought--walking amid the graves of the peoples of the past, a Native American culture little known or understood. Those magnificent mounds were in the shape of animals and they were perched on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. I thought of the people and their stories--and I could not shake their presence in my life. And when the story of Conor Archer came to me and made sense of ancient legends both here and across the sea, I grew to know that the things he saw and experienced really had something to say to each one of us. Give me some time and some space, and give me your comments, and we will talk about all of this at more length. Meanwhile, start getting to know one of the coolest people I have ever met: start getting to know Conor Archer.

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