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I placed the following shout-on my personal facebook page.  In the cacophany of modern life, a lone voice crying "Read This"  will be drowned out. So now, the novel and the author have to rely a little help from our friends. You guys are the ones that know Conor best and please use the fact that the novel has won several major awards to help spread the good news. Your love for this book will be contagious and that will help spread the news that Conor is a great teacher of the reality that lies beneath all things and a wonderful hero who asks us to come on a great ride through fantasical places meeting wondrous creatures along the way.

If you can write a review on Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble, you join the list of the folks that really liked this book and want to see it get a wider readership.  Thanks in advance and don't forget to contact me with any news or views or suggestions you might have.

Just trying to get anyone who liked the book or was intrigued by it to start talking loudly about it. Unless you folks do it, old Conor will languish on the banks of the Mississippi and never fulfill his destiny.

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