The Music Of Conor Archer's World

Celtic (or Gaelic) music is immensely popular in our world today, but its roots are very ancient. Most people would say that this type of music is extraordinarily evocative, reaching deep into the soul of a person and involving that person in the deep rhythms of life, love and immortality. The great poet, Jessica Powers, rendered a beautiful poem worth quoting here:

No one is here to guard me from this music
which sets itself to lilting in the heart.
I run with it, away from commonplaces,
from ditto marks called days and frequent faces.
Where does it go, that gay and nameless road
down which our frolics start?

Certainly not toward rule. Nor yet, indeed,
toward indecorum. I have found its like
in books and pictures fair with the unknown.
I half suspect we pass reality,
and yet this strangeness makes a home for me
and takes me as its own.
I ask and ask, but no one ever tells me
what place we go when I meet Gaelic music
and we are left a little while alone.

The Ballad of Willie Archer
The Ballad of Willie Archer